Le Sueur County Pioneer Power Woodworking

Besides the sawmill, Pioneer Power has a nice variety of other wood working attractions, such as Ken’s Wood Shop, shingle and lath mills, veneer mill, and lumber planer.

Ken Braun from Le Sueur, Mn. gives wood working demonstrationsusing antique wood working tools.

The shingle mill uses a saw blade laying flat, then a block of wood is pushed across the top of it and the new shingle drops out underneath.

The lath mill is used to make laths, which are similar to yard sticks. Years ago, laths were nailed to the inside walls of homes and then plaster was applied to make the walls, now sheet rock is used.

The veneer mill peels off a thin layer of wood from a short piece of log. This veneer is used for adding the final layer of wood to some furniture.

A model Oil Pull and Avery tractor provide power to the wood working shelter.

The red cedar saw dust is bagged and sold as a sovenir.