12th Annual Pioneer Power Summer
Tractor/Truck & Semi Pull

Sunday, July 14th, 2024 at 2:30 PM

Admission $10,
kids 12 and under free.

Held at the
Le Sueur County Pioneer Power grounds,

7 miles east of Le Sueur, MN

Weigh-In: 1 pm
Driver’s Meeting: 11:45 am
Pull Start: 2:30 pm



Trophies for 1st, 2nd & 3rd place

Tractors 1959 & Older from 4,500-7,500
Hot Farm & Open Class (NO AGE LIMIT)
One Trophy for King of the Hill 13,500

4,500 Hobby Stock
5,500 Hobby Stock
7,500 Hobby Stock
9,500 Farm Stock

5,000 Open
6,600 Open
10,000 Pro Farm
12,500 Farm Stock
16,500 Farm Stock

9,500 Improved Stock 410
11,000 2.6 class Hot Farm
13,500 (King of the Hill)

8200 Diesel Trucks

$100.00 pay back

(Register at the door)

Kevin Devine: 952-201-2867



  1. Tractor may be 200 pounds over with driver.  Scale on site.
  2. Driver must be 18 years old or at least 16 with parent’s written consent.
  3. Tractor must be 1959 and older from 4500 lbs to 7500 lbs.
  4. Tractor must have a hitch hole or a quarter turn clevis of at least 3 inches in diameter. Pulling point not more than 20 inches high and 18 inches behind center axle.
  5. All added weight must be fastened securely. Rear weight may not interfere with the hooking of the sled. Front weight bracket and weights must not exceed more than 32 inches from the furthest point of the tractor.
  6. Driver must stop immediately upon signal of the judge. Pull is over when forward motion stops.
  7. Loss of an object from tractor while hooked and unhooked will be disqualified.
  8. Pull will terminate if contestant runs out of bounds.
  9. Tractor must be in neutral when hooked and unhooked.
  10. Driver will remain seated at all times.
  11. Hood, grill and fan shroud must be in place.
  12. Promoters reserve the right to refuse an entry.
  13. See specific classes for additional rules.
  14. Open classes no restriction on tractor year.



***4,500 – 7,500 Hobby Stock Rules***

  1. NO RPM limit. Must stay under 6 MPH.
  2. Tire size must not exceed class limits. NO cut, grooved tires.
  3. NO aluminum frame or chassis components. A non-aluminum rear wheels allowed.
  4. Must have hitch. Must be rigid in all directions. NO pulling from 2 or 3 hitches. Pulling hitches must be in locked position.
  5. Can use TA
  6. Tractor need’s to be 1959 and older.



***Open Rules***

  1. NO RPM limit.
  2. May use any gear.
  3. Engines must be gas or diesel.
  4. Engine block and crankcase must be same length, height, number of cylinders and make as stock for tractor.
  5. Hitches must be rigid in all directions. NO pulling from 2 or 3 point hitches. Pulling hitches allowed and must be in a locked position.
  6. No Turbocharged allowed if OEM.



***Hot Farm Rules – King of the Hill***

1. NO speed limit.
2. NO RPM limit.
3. NO aluminum frame, chassis, aluminum wheels or weight brackets allowed
4. Engine block and crankcase must be same lenght, height, number of cylinders and make as stock for tractor.
5. Duals start at 13,500 lbs class.
6. No cut or grooved tires for 13,500 lbs class.
7. Air shut off – Seat belt and fire extinguisher.
8. Wheelie bars.
9. 2.6 LM cross over 10,500. RPM point pull series.
10. KING OF THE HILL, P-pumps 3×3 smooth bore turbo.
11. Inlet 3×3 smooth bore turbo 13,500 lbs class.


***9500 Improved Stock Diesel Turbocharged Rules***

1. No speed or RPM gas and diesel.
2. One fuel only gas or diesel.
3. Stock appearing engine and sheet metal, transmission and rear end must match brand. 4. Stock appearing carburetor and fuel pump.
5. Engine block must be from a 410 cubic inch or smaller diesel or gas engine.
6. Single turbo allowed with up to a 2.25 in. max intake To4 turbocharger.
7. No inline fuel injection pumps allowed in this class.
8. No V or Double cut tires.
9. Tractor must have wheelie bars and wide front.
10. Protest Rules.
11. No slug or slot allowed.
12. You CAN use water Injection of any kind/NO inner cooler.

***10,000 Pro Farm Class***

***9,500 – 12,500 – 16,500 FARM STOCK CLASSES***

1. One fuel only diesel or gas.
2. Tractor must have one stock block, crankcase, head, manifold, exhaust,
and air cleaner for model tractor.
3. No V or cut tires or grooved tires.
4. Front and rear wheel weights must be OEM type fix for that model tractor.
5. Duals are allowed in 9,500-12,500-16,500 classes.
6. Tractor must run on fuel it was originally equiped with.
7. Provide your own 3 in clevis.
8. No additional weights added to the belly bracket of the tractor.
9. NO adjustable hitches/A pulling drawbar can be used.
10. No turbocharged allowed if OEM for 9,500 Farm Stock Class.


***8200 DIESEL TRUCKS***

1. 20 inch height drawbar
2. Fire extinguisher
3. Safety equipment