These rules below pertain to both the show and swap meet
***All personal vehicles must be registered at the swap meet registration building at the gate***
*** A $25 charge for personal vehicles (list below of allowed vehicles). ***

Please fill out personal vehicle registration form and bring along to show or swap meet.
Click on image of registration form below to bring up a PDF to print out.

For golf cart pre-registraton only contact Roger Strobel at 952-300-7325

Le Sueur County Pioneer Power Association
2024 Updated Personal Vehicle Rules

Acceptable Vehicles:

Golf carts, lawn tractors or riding lawn mowers, (must have cutting decks removed).

Handicap mobility scooters, with proof of need.

Unacceptable vehicles:

No ATV’s of any kind:(Gators, 4 wheelers, 3 wheelers, side by sides). No 2 wheeled vehicles (bicycles, motorized bikes gas or electric, motorcycles, minibikes).

No homebuilt vehicles. They are allowed to be displayed and driven in the parade only.

No zero turn or rear steer lawn mowers or other like vehicles.

Vehicle Use Rules

Must be 18 years old and have a valid driver’s license.

Must have a liability insurance policy.

No trailers allowed, for passengers or other use.

Cannot exceed passenger limits. (a 4 seat golf cart can have only 4 passengers, a 2 seat cart cart can have only 2 passengers, etc.).

Limit speed to a fast pace walk. (5 miles per hour).

A 12 AM curfew on all motorized vehicles is currently in place but subject to change.

All vehicles driven after dark must have headlights.

Displayed vehicles (farm tractors, self-propelled farm equipment, and other non registered vehicles) are not allowed to be driven on the grounds other than in the parade, during a demonstration or in un-crowded areas such as the field or threshing areas.

Modified Vehicles

Golf carts can be lifted and fitted with custom wheels provided they do not exceed the stock width of the cart.

No increased speed adjustments or exhaust modifications are allowed on any personal vehicle.

Lawn tractors can be fitted with custom wheels provided they do not exceed the stock width of the tractor.

A buddy seat can be fitted on the tractor provided it does not exceed the stock width of the tractor.

Registration and Fees

A registration form can be found below as a PDF. The form can be printed and filled out prior to coming to the event. This will speed up the registration process.

The registration fee is $25.00 per legal vehicle.

A violation of vehicle registration or vehicle use rules may result in the loss of vehicle use with no refund of registration fee!