Le Sueur County Pioneer Power Gas Engine Grove

In the shade of the large basswood, hackberry, and maple trees, many different makes and sizes of gas engines are on display, with some doing various jobs that they were designed to do 60 or more years ago. Some are washing clothes, grinding feed, pumping water, making flour, sawing wood, cutting silage, etc. Along with the engines are other interesting displays such as cast iron seats, corn planter lids, tools, windmills, antique chain saws, outboard motors, snowmobiles, wagon wheel shop, etc. The grove is a bee hive of activity.

Shelling corn with gas engine.

Hot air engine.

Nice collection of engines.

Log saw.

Making rope.

Big engines.

Wooden windmill and water tank.

A rare Chase gas engine.

Wagon Wheel Wright

The wagon wheel wright was a very popular person years ago. Roger Prantner does an excellent job of demonstrating this art in the Wagon Wheel Shop located in Gas Engine Grove.