Le Sueur County Pioneer Power Field Activities

Grain Threshing and Combining

A gasoline engine powered hand feed threshing machine.

5 teams of work horses provide the power to run the J. I. Case hand feed.

Horse tread mill used to power the small hand fed thresher.

After the grain is threshed it is unload from the wagons onto a waiting truck.

Corn Harvesting

Cutting corn using a John Deere PTO corn binder with loading attachment.

After the corn is cut it is run through a silage cutter and then used for livestock feed.

Picking ear corn with Massey Harris picker.

Corn shredding using a US corn shredder. Here is powered by the 5 team horse power sweep.

The kids enjoy the ear corn falling into the wagon from the shredder.

Chopping corn silage using a Gehl chopper powered by a LeRoy engine.

Corn shelling using a Minneapolis Moline sheller.

Straw Baling

Horse powered baler.

Bales need to be hand tied.

Gas engine powered baler, lots of dirty work.

Massey tractor baler.

Square baling in the field.

Round baling with Allis Chalmers baler.

Field Work

20 acres need to be plowed during the show.