Le Sueur County Pioneer Power Stationary Diesel Engines

Pioneer Power is fortunate to have several large diesel engines that were originally used to generate electricity.

The large three cylinder McIntosh-Seymour diesel engine weighs in at 128,000 pounds. 54 yards of concrete was poured to support this engine. The flywheel alone weighs 26,000 pounds. The engine runs at 250 rpm and produces 575 horse power from its three 17 1/2 inch bore pistons. It starts with 1000 pounds of air pressure injected into one cylinder. The antique air compressor has a one inch piston and takes 3 1/2 hours to reach 1000 pounds of pressure. Both the engine and air compressor were moved from the power house in Le Sueur, Mn. and reset at the show grounds.

The other diesel is a four cylinder Fairbanks Morse Diesel 2 cycle engine. It weighs about 60,000 pounds and develops 300 horse power from its four 14 inch pistons. It came from the power house in Lake Crystal, Mn. See both these engines in the Diesel Building.

John Klaseus of North Mankato, Mn. does an excellent job on engineering these engines.