The Move
August 2011 was moving time for the former St. Joseph Catholic church. The church resided just north of Lexington, Mn. since it was built in 1902. With the changing times and of dwindling number of parishioners, the church was closed in 2009. The decision was made by the Pioneer Power members to purchase and move the church to the showgrounds, with monetary help from former parishioners, Pioneer Power members and interested people to see the church preserved for future generations.

Prior to moving, the steeple and bell were removed. The move went well, with a number of high line wires and road signs, mail boxes being taken down ahead of the church. It took about 5 hours to move the church the 5 miles to the showgrounds. The location was decided upon and a full basement was dug and the church was moved onto the new basement in October of 2011.

From now on…..
…the church will be known as the Lexington Church and represent a country church built in the early part of the 20th century. Religion played a big part in the lives of early settlers in the midwest and this church will represent many different denominations that were nestled in southern Minnesota.

1902 Lexington Church

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of the move.