Le Sueur County Pioneer Power Sawmill

The 1890 Melounek & Deutsch sawmill built in New Prague, Mn. is busy sawing logs into lumber during the show. The building over the mill was built with viewing pleasure and safety in mind. The lumber is used for various building projects on the show grounds. This mill is a two man mill, meaning that besides the sawyer who runs the log into the blade, another person is needed on the far side of the mill to operate the mill set works.

Watch a 30 second video clip of the sawmill in operation, keep in mind that this clip is not nearly as clear as the original, the original is digitally clear. Click on photo to the right to start your clip.

Logs of any size can be cut into lumber.

Top saw used for cutting large logs.

Edger, for trimming off the bark on the edges of the board.