Le Sueur County Pioneer Power Blacksmith Shop
The blacksmith shop played a very important part in rural America during the nineteenth century and up to about 1960. In the years before electricity, there were no such things as welders, and acetylene torches. All repairs that couldn't be made at home were taken to the local blacksmith. Besides repairs, many things were made from red-hot iron and formed on an anvil with many blows of a two pound hammer. Stop by the blacksmith shop and pick up a hand made souvenir.
Pioneer Power Blacksmith Shop

Souvenir items made in the blacksmith shop are sold.

Horseshoe being made.
The blacksmith shop is powered by a line shaft which is driven by an antique diesel engine located on the north side of the shop. Wyatt Beinfang from Henderson, Mn. is the chief blacksmith and has several helpers, both male and female.

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